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  • Handle annual leave requests alongside your rotas and keep the balance between resourcing and rest for your staff.
  • The Population View on Abtrace's Proactive Monitoring Tool lists all patients of the GP practice who have requirements according to the monitoring guidelines. This can be sorted or filtered and export ...
  • Patients are automatically messaged when they become eligible for recall, for example when cervical screening or blood tests become due. Messages can include explanations, links and self-booking links ...
  • Helping general practice increase local clinician capacity at the touch of a button. We are an NHSE approved, flexible staff pools provider.
  •   EDATT™ by Hanley Consulting: Revolutionising healthcare with a chatbot for easy digital access, reducing staff workload, and enhancing patient care.
  • ENTEROSGEL® is an over-the-counter intestinal adsorbent suitable for children and adults. It is a gel composed of organic mineral and water that binds to toxins and harmful substances in your gut, tra ...
  • Relevant, informative clinical and mandatory training written by the authors of Clinical Knowledge Summaries 
  • For Those On Antibiotics is designed to be taken during courses of antibiotic medication. The three strains in the product have been shown to survive to reach the gut alive, even during a course of an ...
  • ENTEROSGEL® Kids is an effective OTC treatment for diarrhoea, suitable for ages 0+ It works in the gut, binding to bacterial toxins and other harmful substances removing them from the body via the sto ...
  • Eliminate typing with speech recognised dictation into any programme.
  • Bifido & Fibre contains the probiotic strain Bifidobacterium lactis BB-12® with 4g of prebiotic fibres which together help to promote healthy bowel movements by lubricating the colon, moistening the s ...
  • Some screenshots of the Hippo Recall Platform!
  • Connect Health is the UK’s largest MSK and pain community services provider, delivering high value pain management services based on a biopsychosocial model and interdisciplinary team of specialists.
  • AEROBIKA* OPEP Device For drug-free therapy or can be used with a nebulizer
  • Connect Health’s FCP offering draws on 30 years of experience in delivering direct access physiotherapy and MSK specialist expertise with a focus on quality and sustainability.
  • Is your practice data failing to come together in a meaningful way? Do you lack trust in your clinical system data? Does your data only show that happened, not what should have happened?

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