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05 Mar 2024

3 Dimensional Health Care

3 Dimensional Health Care

Personalised care was one of the core pillars of the 2019 NHS plan. We have seen progress with new personalised care additional roles and the adoption of social prescribing. However social prescribing and personalised care has been quite medically focused. This session will explore the benefits for patients, staff and the NHS as a whole, of expanding our thinking and actions, to include social and self care. We will especially focus on the value of health coaching as an enabler in moving towards 3 dimensional health care



  • Appreciate what integrated health-social and self care can add to the medical model
  • Understand how new roles like Health Coaches, Social prescribing link workers and Care Co-ordinators can be used best in primary care
  • Learn about health coaching and how different team members can contribute to its successful adoption
  • Why personalised care can offer a new business case for Primary Care and community organisations
  • How coaching approaches can reinvigorate your joy at work



Tara Humphrey, MBA

Tara Humphrey holds an MBA in Healthcare Leadership and Management and is the Founder and CEO of THC Primary care. Tara is also a leading healthcare communicator who has written over 200 blogs on leadership and management and primary care networks, she is published in the London Journal of Primary Care, and hosts the Business of Healthcare Podcast, where she has released over 240 episodes.


Ollie Hart
PCN Clinical Director, GP, Director Peak Health Coaching

Ollie has been a GP for over 20 years. He set up Peak Health Coaching 8 years ago with a GP colleague with the mission of ‘creating a coaching culture in the NHS’. He has held a range of commissioning roles locally and nationally and is a parkrun ambassador and keen runner.

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