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Yasir Abbasi

Yasir Abbasi

Executive Medical Director, VIA
Dr Yasir Abbasi is Via’s Executive Medical Director as well as being as the clinical lead for Via’s services in the North-West of England. For more than a decade of being a consultant psychiatrist, Dr Abbasi has contributed towards the development of addiction services in the UK and United Arab Emirates (UAE), academia, and increased awareness about mental health and addiction. Dr Abbasi also set up the Painkiller Addiction Information Network (PAIN) charity in 2016 which was the only charity at that time raising awareness about painkiller addiction and supported the government to order a review into it. There was a Public Health England (PHE) review in 2019 on prescribed drug dependence and he was a part of the expert reference group. He is associated with over 20 publications in peer-reviewed journals and has spoken widely at various national and international scientific conferences across the world.

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