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Pain Services

Connect Health Stand: B50

We provide combined physical and psychological pain management, which depending on the level of pain care (Primary, Community and Specialist) these can consist of:
•  Advice and guidance with clear referral criteria
•  Clinical triage and comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment by a specialist pain clinician
•  Medication review and optimisation
•  Pain education and supported self-management
•  Individual and group based pain rehabilitation programmes, dosage dependent on the level of care commissioned and patient need
•  Evidence based injections 

Where do we provide these?
We can provide services anywhere in the UK. We use:
•  A variety of community-based clinical and non-clinical locations 
•  Local and accessible versus centralised tertiary care centres
•  Wellness environments versus illness environments
•  Close working/co-location with Primary Care


Additional services

•  Re-Connect – clinically supported online pain management

•  Waiting list initiatives

•  Flippin' Pain

•  Delivery partner of other services, including MSK, Mental Health, Rheumatology, Long Covid and FCP

•  Mobile injection units


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