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EDATT Digital Support Assistant

Hanley Consulting - EDATT Stand: E56
  • EDATT Digital Support Assistant
  • EDATT Digital Support Assistant
EDATT Digital Support Assistant EDATT Digital Support Assistant

Introducing EDATT, the UK’s #1 automated digital support assistant for patients.

  1. Enhanced Patient Access: EDATT significantly cuts down on telephone calls, allowing patients to seamlessly access healthcare services online. This shift not only improves patient access but also contributes to a more satisfying healthcare experience.
  2. Boost in NHS App Utilisation: The tool plays a pivotal role in increasing NHS App adoption rates, encouraging patients to engage with digital healthcare solutions.
  3. Staff Wellbeing and Efficiency: By promoting patient self-sufficiency and automating pathways, EDATT contributes to improved wellbeing and productivity.
  4. Multilingual Support: With over 60 languages supported, and natural language processing, EDATT ensures inclusivity and accessibility, catering to diverse patient populations.
  5. Integration with Community Services: The inclusion of new pathways for automated community signposting and ARRS self-referrals significantly reduces general practice workload while expediting patient care.
  6. Impressive Track Record: In its first year, EDATT has achieved remarkable milestones, including a 70% NHS App uptake, expansion of self-booking and self-referral pathways, halving call queue times, and doubling online prescription orders. 

Innovative Dashboard: EDATT also features a first-of-its-kind dashboard that consolidates all access data, including telephony, online consultations, NHS App usage, and community signposting, providing a comprehensive view of healthcare service utilisation and staff wellbeing.

Efficient Deployment and Integration: Developed with efficiency as a core principle, EDATT seamlessly integrates with existing systems, reducing patient confusion and enhancing the use of online consultation tools and webforms. Hanley Consulting ensures a smooth, hands-off deployment process, emphasising streamlined procedures and efficient patient journeys.

In summary, EDATT by Hanley Consulting is not just a technological advancement; it's a game-changer in the realm of digital primary care access, setting new standards in patient accessibility, staff wellbeing, and overall healthcare efficiency.


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