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Revolutionising Infection Control with Alcohol-Free Disinfection & Cleaning Solutions

Nuview Continu Stand: I13
Revolutionising Infection Control with Alcohol-Free Disinfection & Cleaning Solutions
Continu is making waves with its cutting-edge products that set new standards in infection control. With a proud legacy of continual growth and success with existing distribution partners, Continu is poised to dominate the market with its revolutionary UK-manufactured disinfection products.

Developed in 2009 using the latest technology in infection control solutions, Continu was born out of the need to address issues such as microcracking on surgery equipment and surface degradation caused by inadequate pre-existing disinfectants.

The result is a comprehensive range of HTM 01-05 compliant disinfectant products meticulously tested against enveloped viruses, including the Coronavirus. From cleaning and disinfecting hands to surfaces and equipment, Continu provides a solution for every need without compromising on efficacy.

We take pride in offering a fully compliant range of water-based cleaning and disinfection products designed for use in medical settings. Compliant with relevant legislation for each product type, including UK MDR, Continu ensures that healthcare professionals have access to high-quality solutions for all their cleaning and disinfection needs.

As a water-based product, Continu can be confidently used on all surfaces within a clinical area, including equipment, without compromising on efficacy. The absence of hazard warnings makes Continu an ideal choice, simplifying the COSHH risk assessment process for healthcare professionals.

Our range of products start working instantly upon application, independently tested as effective from just 30 seconds – the shortest amount of time claimed from the EN Test standards. More than a quick fix, Continu remains on the surface, providing a residual decontamination effect and inhibiting further growth, with efficacy improving with continued use.

Georgina Whittle, Head Nurse at Hindhead, attests to the effectiveness of Continu, stating, "Because the disinfectant is extremely gentle and alcohol-free, we have noticed a huge difference since using it. With the low hazard rating, we feel reassured that the risks to staff and patients are considerably reduced."

With a proven track record of driving growth for partners, Continu is ready to replicate its success with new collaborators. Distributors can offer the best in the market with confidence, aligning with a brand that is set to redefine industry standards.


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