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Ground-breaking Data Tool Set to Revolutionise Healthcare Efficiency and Patient Care

The Demand and Capacity Optimisation Tool Stand: E59
Ground-breaking Data Tool Set to Revolutionise Healthcare Efficiency and Patient Care

 Leading innovator in healthcare solutions, Innovative Online Products (IOP), has announced today the launch of their General Practice Demand and Capacity Optimisation Tool.

The cutting-edge analytics system empowers general practices to optimise demand and capacity in alignment with Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) indicators, whilst elevating patient care and improving operational efficiency.

The tool works by gathering unique data from a practice over a week to then produce a clearly articulated report based on trusted practice-based data to detail where improvement opportunities lie.

The team behind IOP, who developed the reporting tool, have said that the General Practice Demand and Capacity Optimisation Tool is poised to transform how practices navigate these changes, ensuring they deliver top-notch care to patients while maximising operational capabilities.

Simon Bricknell, Healthcare Director at Innovative Online Products, said: "We are thrilled to present the General Practice Demand and Capacity Optimisation Tool to the healthcare community. This remarkable tool empowers general practices to gain deep insights into their actual demand and effectively align their capacity to meet patients' needs. By identifying improvement opportunities and optimising practice operations, we aim to elevate patient care to new heights."

The Tool has already been trailed in a number of practices across the country and has proven to be an insightful tool which has gathered data which was previously unavailable to healthcare bosses, but has enabled them to redesign many of their systems and ways of working.

Dr Majid Ali, GP Partner at Solihull Healthcare Partnership said: “It was a huge report and it has harvested a lot of data. Each time I read it I glean other nuggets I haven’t come across previously.

“Since this work we have become more proactive. The analysis has led to us redesigning our appointment systems … it has reduced the pressure on urgent care.

“The data pack is a great reference and resource for us and is one that we use extensively since it was produced and we continue to use it. To get that data into a distilled report and to identify the opportunities and analysis it as it has, we hadn’t as a team the expertise to do that and I would suspect that is the case with the large majority of primary care providers in the UK.

The Tool was instrumental in helping us understand information we hadn’t had before,” he added.


Key Features and Benefits:

Data-Driven Insights: The tool utilises robust practice-owned data to provide a comprehensive view of actual demand, enabling practices to make informed decisions.

QOF Indicator Alignment: General practices can now optimise demand and capacity in alignment with QOF indicators, ensuring they meet performance targets and deliver high-quality care.

Patient-Centric Care: By streamlining processes and reducing patient wait times, practices can enhance the patient experience and build lasting relationships.

Improved Efficiency: The tool identifies improvement opportunities and guides practices towards data-led decisions, maximising internal capacity and operational efficiency.

Simplified Decision-Making: The tool offers a whole-practice summary of prioritised improvement opportunities, making it easier for practices to take proactive steps towards success.

For more information about IOP and the General Practice Demand and Capacity Optimisation Tool, please visit



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