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27 Mar 2024

Session recap: Holistic one stop multi-disciplinary clinic for refugees and asylum seekers patients arriving in Liverpool.

Session recap: Holistic one stop multi-disciplinary clinic for refugees and asylum seekers patients arriving in Liverpool.

At Best Practice London we were thrilled to provide a platform to share the innovative and collaborative approaches to tackling health concerns across the country. A perfect example of this is the work done by Brownlow Health in Liverpool to provide a multi-disciplinary clinic for refugees and asylum seekers. Presented in the Workshop Theatre at Best Practice London in February, the team from Brownlow health highlighted the successes of their clinics, as well as the real-life impact it has had for their patients. You can read about the session below: 

In Liverpool, a groundbreaking approach to healthcare is marking waves, especially for refuges and asylum seekers. At Brownlow Health, a unique clinic had emerged, offering a holistic, one-stop solution to address the diverse needs of these vulnerable populations.  

Recognising the complexities of their patients’ background, the team at Brownlow Health embarked on a mission to create a comprehensive healthcare model. Since its inception, the clinic has proven to be a lifeline for refugees and asylum seekers, offering not only medical support but also invaluable assistance with social determinants of health, such as housing and mental well-being. Its success has led to its permanent establishment, highlighting the importance of compassion and collaborative healthcare solutions.  

Designed to streamline care and free up much-needed GP time, thus ensuring the patients receive the attention and support they deserve. The clinic offers initial assessments, GP consultants, follow-ups, and referrals to a range of services, including TB screening, drug and alcohol support, mental health services, and housing assistance. Crucially, the clinics operates with a multi-disciplinary team, including care coordinators, nurses, social prescribers, and specialists, ensuring the patients receive holistic care tailored to their individual needs.  

Upon arrival in the UK, the clinics care coordinators are informed of the patient’s arrival into temporary accommodation. The care coordinator, alongside other external services, like the community engagement team will ensure the patient is registered using the appropriate language form to ensure correct information is obtained. The patient is then booked into an appointment for an initial assessment clinic. They see a healthcare assistant to provide new patient bloods, EMS screening, observations, and social history. A GP assessment will then detail the patients’ holistic needs. The patient can be offered one to two follow ups within the refugee and asylum seeker clinic before utilising other routine services.  

The clinic remains steadfast in its commitment to providing specialised care, utilising the skills of their refugee patients to provide translation services and English lessons to patients. As well as providing support in fast tracking accommodation and signposting other resources such as community food banks and legal services to support the needs to this cohort of patients. 

Collaborating closely with community organisations, the resources provided by Brownlow Health has created a trusted and recognised service, providing safety and support for refugee and asylum seeker patients.  

To hear more, you can visit Brownlow Health here. You can also access the full audio and presentation for Best Practice London 2024 on the app.  

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