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2024 Conference Programme


Supporting and Retaining our Pharmacy Professional in Croydon

29 Feb 2024
Workshop Theatre

This engaging session is designed to address the critical aspects of supporting and retaining pharmacy professionals within the healthcare landscape of Croydon. Recognising the pivotal role that pharmacy professionals play, this session aims to provide valuable insights, strategies, and collaborative solutions for fostering a supportive environment and enhancing staff retention.

Rena Amin, Clinical Associate and Mentor - Croydon GP SUPER NETWORK PCN
Rabia Dabo, Clinical Director. GP - Croydon Super Network PCN
Khateja Malik, Training Hub Lead - Croydon Training Hub
Tori Edwards, Business Lead - Croydon Super Network PCN
Dupe Jemegbe, Clinical Pharmacist - Croydon GP SUPER NETWORK PCN

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