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The unseen data: Can we use it to control patient demand?

28 Feb 2024
Business Services Hub
The unseen data: Can we use it to control patient demand?

Practice demand is insatiable, but if we understood it better, could we control it, reduce it and better serve it? 

In this session Steve New, Chief Executive of Solihull Healthcare Partnership talks about how his practice uncovered hidden demand by engaging clinicians, care navigators and administrators to understand their patient interactions over one week – and how they used this data to drive changes in their practice, improving the working lives of their staff and the care provided to their patients.

By understanding patient demand the practice was bringing on itself, how they triaged patients and how the view of patient urgency differed between clinical and care navigator teams, Solihull Healthcare Partnership have been able to develop and implement a 12-month roadmap for improvement.

Max Pardo-Roques, Commercial Director - Demand and Capacity Optimisation tool
Steve New, Chief executive, Solihull Health Partnership - Demand and Capacity Optimisation tool

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