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2024 Conference Programme


Eating Disorders: Psychological and lived-experience insights.

29 Feb 2024
Best Practice Clinical Theatre 2

This session will help you understand the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours of patients living through an eating disorder, and its impact upon their family. Nick Pollard, a research psychologist with lived experience of caring for his own daughter through a severe eating disorder in her teenage years, will share insights from their own journey and from the wider research literature. Nick’s daughter, Dr Elizabeth McNaught, is now a GP and, together with Prof Janet Treasure, they have co-authored ‘Eating Disorders: An Oxford Specialist Handbook’ (OUP, 2022). In this session, including short videos from Dr McNaught and Prof Treasure, Nick will help you recognise and understand these secretive and life-threatening disorders, and to provide appropriate support and risk-management, in Primary Care, for the patient and their family.

Nick Pollard, Director - Family Mental Wealth

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