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2024 Conference Programme


Pioneering Wellness: Rapid Fire Discussions on Population Health Management Projects

29 Feb 2024
Keynote/ PCN Transformation Theatre

Hear from a range of cutting-edge population health management projects. Dive into innovative strategies, success stories, and emerging trends that are shaping the landscape of community health. Join us for dynamic, quick-paced conversations that unveil the transformative initiatives and projects driving the future of wellness. This session promises an insightful and engaging exploration of the latest advancements in population health management, offering a glimpse into the pioneering efforts that are revolutionizing well-being on a larger scale.

- Community Outreach Wellness Checks in Berkshire West

- Tackling fuel poverty to improve population health

- Teen Clinic Daventry - an innovative community collaboration providing a drop in health service for young people aged 11-18 in Daventry

Amit Sharma, GP Partner - Brookside Group Practice/Earley+ PCN
Sabrina Maines-Blatherwick, Digital and Transformation Lead - Barnstaple Alliance PCN
Andy Ciecierski, GP Partner, Clinical Director, Workforce Lead - Emmer Green Surgery, Caversham PCN, Berkshire West Primary Care Alliance
Sarah Tudor, Clinical Lead Teen Clinic Daventry  - Abbey House Medical Practice
Gemma Muscutt, Youth Specialist - Sevice Six

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