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2024 Conference Programme


An evaluation of a quality improvement initiative examining benefits and challenges of implementing Core Clinical Supervision training in primary care

29 Feb 2024
Nursing and Multi-disciplinary Teams Theatre

A supervision framework has been adopted and adapted from the Ten Point Plan for General Nurse Practitioners (2021) and applied at scale across the Humber and Yorkshire regions, with minimal impact on clinical capacity, quality, and safety.
This initiative coincides with general practice (and the wider health service) being under enormous pressure managing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, with impact on staff wellbeing and retention. The main aims are to evaluate the impact of embedding the Core Supervision training across primary care practice and strengthen course content for future delivery.

Sarah Goode, Primary Care Educator - Core Model of Supervision Lead Humber & North Yorkshire Primary Care School - NHS England - Yorkshire and The Humber
Gemma Hodge, Peripatetic Educator - Coventry University Scarborough (LEAP CPEP Project) Health Education England
Deborah Cross, Peripatetic Educator- NHS England - Coventry University Scarborough (LEAP CPEP Project) NHS England
Philippa Boynton, Senior Project Manager - Yorkshire Health Partnership
Lorraine Burrows, Practice Nurse - The Snaith and Rawcliffe Medicical Group
Ellen Chantry, Lead Nurse/Nurse Manager - The Snaith and Rawcliffe Medicical Group
Sue Mabbott, Nurse Manager - Haxby Group Scarborough

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